Rule Modifications

- 4ft Spacing at the start of play

- 4 ft. marking

- 4 ft. position of penalised player

- Removal of toss ups

- Removal of idle interactions


- 2 umpires used

- Must ensure players adhering to the rule modifications

- Maintain 4 ft. away from the players

- Do not deliver the ball at a centre pass

Hygiene & Safety Measures

- Players are required to sanitise their hands at the start and the end of each quarter

- A freshly sanitised ball/cleaned ball for each quarter

- Social norms such as handshakes and high 5's no longer permitted

- The post protectors will be sanitised prior to the start of the match

- Shouting is not permitted

- No sharing of water bottles

- No sharing of bibs

Please note, any actions which can increase the risk of covid ie stepping in and shortening the 4ft distance and face to face marking are also no longer permitted. Trinity Netball will also provide temperature checks for anyone entering the playing area on their arrival.

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